Established in 2019, Isti Shop focuses on design and art that lasts a lifetime and beyond. For those who love the thrill of the find, Isti Shop inspires men and women around the world to express their personal style throught a wise selection of well-made yet accessible peaces to cherish season after season.

These include hard-to-find clothing and accessories for men and women from the world’s most prestigious designers as well as kids wear, a unique selection of home design objects and exclusive collaborations with internationally-renowned artists.

Encouraging conscious and responsible shopping has been central to Isti Shop philosophy since it launched 3 years ago, helping customers to be kinder to the planet by investing in fashion with longevity. Since the beginning of Isti Shop, in addition to quality products we provide quality customer service as well. We make it possible to send shipment within one day from order placement


Contact: +1 (470) 465 4229

Adress: North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

What we do for you?

Cotton fabrics are soft, breathable, and strong. It is highly absorbent and prevents moisture from building up between your skin and clothing, allowing you to remain comfortable. Organic Cotton is greatly beneficial for people with sensitive skins or allerges, due to the absence of toxic chemicals. All of our cottons are 100% organic and OEKO-TEX® certified.

Our cotton fibers are grown organically in India – meaning without the use of any pesticides or toxic chemicals that impacts the environment and human health. Handpicked for quality, they are then combed with a fine brush to remove any impurities.
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